Working to Increase Breast Cancer Screenings in One California Community and Save Lives

By Thomas Bognanno

President & CEO, Community Health Charities

When we see a community mobilizing to address critical health challenges, we at Community Health Charities want to do our part. In communities across the U.S., we bring together leading charities working on the most critical health challenges that affect people’s quality of life and well-being.

In the East Bay, just outside San Francisco, California, Black, Hispanic and Asian women experience a higher loss of life to breast cancer – but these lives can be saved with increased access to screenings and early diagnosis. This includes placing a high priority on breast cancer screening and treatment of African-American women, who are estimated to be 40 percent more likely to die of breast cancer than Caucasian women according to recent statistics. These women are mothers, daughters and sisters who are not getting the early screening that they need to keep them alive.

On Tuesday, October 25, we launched the East Bay Breast Cancer Fund, bringing together Black Women’s Health Imperative, Better Health East Bay and Susan G. Komen. This new fund changes how we raise dollars for critical health needs in communities by supporting the great work of these incredible organizations working locally in the East Bay to advance the goal of better breast health for all women.

We have already rolled out this fund in workplace giving programs in more than 150 businesses in California, including City of Oakland and City of Berkley workplace giving campaigns that are currently underway.

You can help a women #GetScreened today by supporting the East Bay Breast Cancer Fund. It takes one $400 gift, or $33 per month, to give a woman a screening – and a chance to save her life. Give Now

Your support of the East Bay Breast Cancer Fund, managed by Community Health Charities, will help:

  • Increase breast cancer screenings
  • Provide resources to educate women on healthy living options
  • Advance research for risk-reduction and treatment
  • Improve access to health services and life-saving treatments

This blog post by Jim Hickman, CEO of Better Health East Bay, details their plans to improve early breast cancer detection, treatment and patient support services.

I also invite you to learn more about our national High Impact Funds, which address critical health causes across the country. Whether national or local in scope, Community Health Charities continues to strive to make a difference for the millions of Americans who face health challenges.

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